#GuestColumn |  Respect for freedom of expression in Mexico

#GuestColumn | Respect for freedom of expression in Mexico

However, currently, the country is experiencing difficult times in this regard. The Government is violating rights and freedoms by publicly showing journalists’ private information, using institutions and requesting autonomous organizations such as the INAI to violate the Constitution.

Journalists carry out fundamental work to inform society, achieve the balance that power requires and exercise our freedom of expression. Unfortunately, so far in 2022, five journalists have already been murdered and many of them have been harassed, intimidated or violated for exercising their profession. Faced with this serious situation, the authorities have not given the necessary responses nor have they guaranteed protection.

For the United Nations Organization (UN), Mexico is one of the most dangerous countries to practice journalism.

For this reason, it seems essential to us to raise our voices and demand that journalists be protected, their rights and the rights of all to inform us be respected.

Likewise, it is very worrying that the disclosure of personal data is a way to intimidate them, since it is an act that violates the Constitution and the laws that state that the personal data of any citizen must be protected.

As for institutions such as the INAI, the SAT and the Financial Intelligence Unit, it is essential that they adhere strictly to the country’s regulatory framework, and that they be able to carry out their work freely, independently of any type of pressure from power. .

One of the most worrying aspects is that now it is the authorities who are violating laws and rights, when it is clear to us Mexicans that the State must guarantee the effective recognition of rights and respect for the Constitution, not use the institutions to violate us.

From Coparmex we condemn the attacks on the press, we stand in solidarity with the families of the attacked journalists and we join the demand for justice launched by the journalistic union and society, so that the lives, rights and profession of communicators are respected .

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