Guerrera said that the SUBE card will be promoted throughout the country

Guerrera said that the SUBE card will be promoted throughout the country

It seeks to extend the SUBE card throughout the country. Photo: Archive

The Minister of Transport, Alexis Guerrera, pronounced this Tuesday in favor of a new comprehensive transport law to have a “more equitable” system by exposing this Tuesday afternoon in the Chamber of Deputies and assured that from that portfolio “it is promoting the SUBE card to all cities in the country that have a public passenger transport system, “including the cities of Córdoba and Rosario.

During his presentation to the Budget and Finance committee on the resources contemplated for that portfolio in the 2022 Budget, Guerrera said that it is necessary “work on a comprehensive transportation law that includes transportation funds so that it can be distributed equitably throughout the country” and said that at this point it is central to extend the use of SUBE in all the cities of the country.

In this context, the minister said that it is “important that SUBE be implemented throughout the country because it accurately provides the number of trips, transportation, and personnel that exist in each part of the country.”

“The work ahead is the implementation of the compensation regime for automotive transport, also for the railway system and heavy investments in the SUBE system, to face the social rate.”

The Minister of Transport is the promoter of the measure Foto Prensa Transport
The Minister of Transport is the promoter of the measure. Photo: Transport Press

Guerrera closed on Tuesday the round of consultations with the Executive Power prior to the internal discussion that legislators will do on Wednesday before signing the opinion that will be debated on Thursday in the session hall.

Before the Budget and Finance Commission -chaired by Carlos Heller (Frente de Todos) – Guerrera also stressed that “the fundamental premise is to ensure federalism with the presence not only in the AMBA and the province of Buenos Aires, but in all corners of the country.”

The Government will allocate $ 111,995 million in compensation to Transportation in AMBA and $ 27,000 million for the interior of the country, $ 609 million in support of the single electronic ticket system and $ 6,336 million in transfers to Provinces and Municipalities for Capital Expenditures.

Guerrera pointed out that there is talk of subsidy for passenger transport from the interior of the country that is being classified “badly because it is not a subsidy”, and pointed out that what is being implemented is a bond that was established in 2020 to compensate for the pandemic that we can sustain while the Covid-19 cases last “

Photo Press Transport
Photo: Transport Press

In another part of his report, the Minister of Transport claimed the management of Aerolineas al affirms that “the flag airline and all the companies that accompany the air mode, had a great contribution during the worst moment of Covid-19. Our airline allowed to bring 39 million doses of vaccines ”.

He also noted: “We are working on climate change, incorporating technologies in transportation systems, and seeing the transfer from the use of diesel to gas, from gas to electricity and from electricity to the use of hydrogen.”

Regarding the railway system, the minister stressed that this portfolio “is responsible for guaranteeing the quality and safety of the transfer of more than 1.5 million people per day by train in the AMBA” and that freight trains transport “20 million tons of cargo by year across the country, the eighth longest in the world. “

Regarding the works for the railway sector for 2022, Guerrera pointed out that $ 19,402 million will be allocated for the acquisition of rolling stock for metropolitan lines; $ 24,856 million for the improvement of freight rail. $ 26,602 million for the improvement of passenger rail transport.

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