Published act that creates an office of the Ministry of Economy in the USA

Guedes appoints Daniella Marques as new special secretary

The Minister of Economy, Paulo Guedes, announced changes in the position this evening. Special advisor Daniella Marques Consentino, who has been part of the economic team since Guedes took office, will be the new special secretary for Productivity, Employment and Competitiveness.

She will replace Carlos da Costa, who will assume the newly created position of attaché to the Ministry of Economy in Washington. Since the beginning of the government, Daniella has occupied the Ministry’s Special Advisory for Strategic Affairs.

To replace Daniella, Guedes reassigned the current secretary of Economic Policy, Adolfo Sachsida. He has also been in the role since 2019.

Founding partner and director of investment funds before joining the government, Daniella holds a degree in administration from the Pontifical Catholic University (PUC) in Rio de Janeiro and an MBA in Finance from Ibmec. She worked for 20 years in the financial market, in the area of ​​independent management of investment funds.

With a doctorate in Economics from the University of Brasília (UnB) and a postdoctoral degree from the University of Alabama, in the United States, Sachsida taught at the University of Texas. Author of publications on economic, monetary and fiscal policy, public policy evaluation and taxation, he is also a lawyer specializing in tax law. Before coming to the government, he worked as a researcher at the Institute of Applied Economic Research (IPEA), where he is a career servant.

The Special Secretariat for Productivity, Employment and Competitiveness is responsible for professional qualification programs and for the elaboration of policies that improve the productivity of the economy. In the coming months, the agency intends to launch a monitoring panel of private investments, generated by concessions and privatizations.

In addition to publishing studies on the effects of policies and reforms promoted by the government, the Secretariat of Economic Policy prepares the Ministry of Economy’s official forecasts for economic variables such as Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and inflation. These estimates are used in the preparation of the Budget and are reviewed every two months, one week before the government announces the contingency (blocking) or release of funds.Guedes appoints Daniella Marques as new special secretary

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