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Guaraní names a bleacher in honor of prosecutor Pecci

Within the framework of acts for the first anniversary of the murder of the agent, the club Guarani honored his memory by changing the name of a bleacher.



“I will be with you Club Guarani with more strength”, reads a phrase that the enthusiastic aboriginal collaborator once spread on their social networks.

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Pecci was shot to death on a beach in Barú, Colombia, when he was enjoying his honeymoon. The material and logistic authors are detained and some are sentenced.

Despite the notable work of the Colombian judiciary, until today it is pending to discover who gave the order to assassinate the Paraguayan prosecutor.

ANDThe United States Government offers a reward of up to $5,000,000 for credible information leading to the arrest of persons who conspired to assassinate the prosecutor.

The entrance Guaraní names a bleacher in honor of prosecutor Pecci was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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