FANB disabled illegal track used for drug trafficking in Zulia

FANB disabled illegal track used for drug trafficking in Zulia

The FANB proceeded to disable a clandestine landing strip, in the Catatumbo municipality of Zulia state, reported the operational strategic commander of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB), Domingo Hernández Lárez in a message on his Twitter @dhernandezlarez.

He specified that irregular groups intend to use the geographical space of Venezuela as a platform for drug trafficking, and to avoid these actions, the Catatumbo Lightning Operation, dedicated to combating this criminal scourge, remains active.

Operation Catatumbo Lightning 2023, in Zulia state, seeks to counteract the presence of criminal and subversive organizations linked to international drug cartels within Venezuelan territory, as this area borders the departments of César and Norte de Santander in Colombia .

The Strategic Operational Commander pointed out that “the FANB remains deployed in the territory of the state of Zulia, hitting drug trafficking continuously.

URRAS in permanent action

He added, in another message, that the FANB Rapid Reaction Units (URRAS) in ZODI_Zulia carry out route, area and zone reconnaissance operations, land and river patrolling and the disabling of clandestine airstrips, in order to control and prevent activities associated with drug trafficking in the municipalities of Jesús María Semprún, Machiques de Perijá and Colón.

The information was accompanied by several images showing the land set up as a runway and the deployment of soldiers securing the area in strategic positions to ensure the integrity of the homeland.

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