Guaira Intervention Commission will meet on Tuesday

Guaira Intervention Commission will meet on Tuesday

Deputy Angel Paniagua said that the commission that will analyze the intervention in the Governor’s Office of Guaira was made up of 11 members, of which 6 are Colorado, 4 Liberals and a deputy from Patria Querida.

The legislator informed in contact with Ñandutí that they will meet on Tuesday to decide who will preside over this commission and what will be the steps that must be followed.

Paniagua commented that the deadlines for justice to start analyzing the case is approximately 15 days. “First we will listen to the accusers and then we will meet with the governor. It should be noted that a group of councilors denounced Governor Juan Carlos Vera for wasting US $ 2 million, belonging to the economic reactivation funds for the Covid-19 pandemic, “he concluded in contact with Radio Ñandutí.

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