Grupo de Alanes faces division and is accused of charging Bs 100 for selling coca in its market

Grupo de Alanes faces division and is accused of charging Bs 100 for selling coca in its market

August 22, 2022, 10:52 PM

August 22, 2022, 10:52 PM

The Single National Confederation of Retail Producers of the Coca Leaf (Conalprodc) is the union that supports the group of the coca grower leader, Arnold Alanes, now this entity faces a division and one of its leaders denounced that Alanes charges Bs 100 to those who try to sell coca in the parallel market of Villa El Carmen.

“We had complaints that they were charged Bs 100 per stamp, in that sense, we have been affected a little. There are complaints in different institutions, such as Concoca (state entity) and in the self-employed (traders). We have made this known to the marketing area of ​​Digcoin (General Directorate of Marketing and Industrialization of the Coca Leaf)”, said the executive of one of the Conalprodc, Willi Condori. When the journalists asked him who had authorized that charge, the answer was clear, “The board of directors of Arnold Alanes is charging.”

Digcoin is the state entity to which those who want to sell coca from the market must go. For each “exit” they must process a route sheet that has a cost of Bs 70 which should be the only document that is charged, but the Condori leader revealed that Alanes charges Bs 100 to authorize the exit of coca from his market.

In the Adepcoca market, coca growers only have to pay Bs 1 for each taque (bag) of coca and their communal leaf from their community, which costs between Bs 5 and 10 and is reused in the same community. Conalprodc affiliates must pay Bs 30 for each “exit” of the product; that is to say that in the Alanes market three times the price in its original market is charged.

Condori also revealed that there are two Conalprodc directives, and invited his rival, whom he did not identify, to negotiate to have a single directive. This union was created in December 2017 after the Adepcoca leadership rejected Law 906 and Evo Morales saw its leaders as opponents.

Conalprodc is made up of coca-producing peasants, who with its creation they became “coca merchants”, In other words, not only could they go out to their Adepcoca market to sell their product, but they became merchants and could take the coca to markets in other departments, such as Santa Cruz, Potosí, Oruro, or Beni.

The Alanes base is made up mainly of the Conalprodc, who are known as “carpeteros” and have about six thousand members; They are now divided into two groups, both of which support the MAS government.

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