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Entities campaign for vote for black women

The Central Única das Favelas (Cufa) and the Frente Nacional Antiracista (FNA) are launching the Vote Nelas campaign, which asks voters to vote for black women. For every 100 candidates who are elected in Brazil, only three are black women, the entities reported.Entities campaign for vote for black women

The idea of ​​the campaign is to encourage more black women to occupy the spaces of power and, with that, to reverse this situation. A partial statistic made by the Superior Electoral Court (TSE) for this year’s elections revealed that 33% of candidates for political office were registered by women. This number grew in relation to the 2018 elections, when the number of women candidates corresponded to 31.8%.

“The campaign is non-partisan, but it understands that voting for competent black women is an obligation for those who want to see the changes that, so far, we have not seen”, said CUFA coordinator Drika Martim, in a note.

The representative of the National Anti-racist Front, Anna Karla Pereira, also spoke in a note. “If we are almost 30% of Brazilian society, why are less than 3% of us elected? This picture has to change, so that society moves forward in the search for more social justice and equity,” she said.

According to the entities, the campaign will carry out face-to-face and online awareness actions throughout the country during the electoral period. Among these actions are planned conversation circles, lives, debates and campaigns on the networks.

Also to encourage the candidates of women and blacks, Congress approved that the votes given to women candidates and black people will be double-counted for the distribution of resources from the Electoral Fund and from the Party Fund among political parties as of this year’s elections. year. The measure will be valid until 2030.

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