Group of fishermen protest in Coronel for contamination in the bay

Group of fishermen protest in Coronel for contamination in the bay

A group of artisanal fishermen demonstrated in front of the offices of the Compañía Puerto Coronel SA, to express their rejection of the offer made by that company in the face of the pollution lawsuit filed in 2019 by 2,334 people who live in the city of Coronel and who carry out productive activities associated with the sea.

In this lawsuit, some of the episodes of pollution of coal and Liquid Industrial Waste, as a result of container washing, are detailed. However, as the legal document points out, the contamination is of a permanent nature, due to non-compliance with the Environmental Qualification Resolution approved on October 1, 2007, in which the project “Construction of the Bulk Carrier Dock” is rated environmentally favorable. , Puerto de Coronel, commune of Coronel” or Pier 3, by the Regional Commission for the Environment of the Biobío Region.

The lawsuit indicates that both the contamination and the breaches have been verified by the environmental authorities of the Biobío Region and, therefore, the corresponding sanctioning processes were carried out.

For Hernán Cortés, president of FENASPAR (National Federation of Artisanal Fishermen), “Coronel is a zone of sacrifice and companies continue to irresponsibly pollute our waters and air, affecting our health and our economic activity based on the sea. We do not want contamination, but since we have been affected, we require fair compensation from Puerto Coronel for the damage caused.”

At the end of the demonstration, and after speaking with the company’s Human Resources manager, Claudio Rocuant, the artisan leader concluded: “It has been proven once again that the companies respond to the demonstrations, since we have been given the assurance that we will start a process of honest dialogue between the company and those affected by the contamination in Coronel Bay”.

Read the lawsuit in the following link.

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