Group of businessmen ratify raising the 2022 minimum to $ 1 million

Group of businessmen ratify raising the 2022 minimum to $ 1 million

This Monday, two days after the first deadline (December 15) to ratify the agreement for the 2022 minimum wage, President Iván Duque and a group of Colombian businessmen assured that they are committed to the figure for next year being $ 1 million.

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Reaching that $ 1 million is a historical milestone, of solidarity, of support for the country’s workers who have been protagonists of the reactivation, and represents the largest nominal increase of this century in the country and also the largest real increase, above inflation, over a period of almost 50 years“Duque commented.

The president highlighted, once again, the support of businessmen in construction to increase the minimum 10.07%, which, he said, “helps the country, dignifies the worker and recognizes their effort“.

Duque closed his speech saying that the agreement it’s a country victory and insisted that it is “Recognize that driving force that was always there to lend a hand … To all the workers, give them that great recognition“.

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The businessmen who accompanied Duque ratified the agreement so that the minimum in 2022 reaches $ 1 million.

Carlos Ignacio Gallego, president of Grupo Nutresa, commented that the country is having “good economic results and united we will work to improve the quality of life of all and have better companies “.

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The businesswoman María del Rosario Gómez highlighted that 2021 is a “year of solidarity and that is why we must dignify workers. We want to thank you for supporting this initiative, President Duque“.

Cesar Caicedo, one of the most important businessmen in Valle del Cauca, asserted that it will be an important effort to reach that salary, but things have their moments: “We have lived through difficult times, but this effort must be carried out. Through these advances we bring benefits and enhance the investment we need“.

Yaneth de Loondoño, president of Offcorss and leader of the board of directors of the National Association of Entrepreneurs of Colombia (Andi), Antioquia section, said that the economic growth that the country is having should generate abundance, therefore, with this minimum wage, “we are all going to grow and move forward, and we are going to continue looking for job creation “.

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Finally, Bruce mac master, president of the Andi and who has led the work, on the business side, to achieve a minimum of $ 1 million, was shown proud of the deal and stated that it is “a great act of solidarity, nationality, community work. We must form a country to generate union, think about the general benefit, regardless of ideologies“.

Ratification of the minimum wage of $ 1 million in Colombia for 2022.

Presidency of the Republic


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