Green Hydrogen: they presented a Territorial Urban Development plan

Green Hydrogen: they presented a Territorial Urban Development plan

“The purpose is to define the work agenda,” said the Provincial Planning Secretary. Photo: TW @rionegrogob

The technical team that will be in charge of the Base Plan for the Territorial Urban Developmentwhich will be deployed within the framework of the project for the production of Green Hydrogen in Punta Colorada, presented this Monday its work scheme in the town of Sierra Grande, informed the Government of Río Negro.

The team belongs to the consulting firm “CFG Planeamiento”, which will be financed by the Federal Investment Council (CFI), for a period of six months.

The Government of Río Negro and the CFI agreed improve territorial and infrastructure conditions necessary for the development of the Green Hydrogen project in this Patagonian province.

In this framework, it was reported that “the Government of Rio Negro will make contributions according to the human and material resources available, while the CFI will contribute technical and financial resources up to a total of $25,000,000.”

The meeting was attended by the Secretary for Strategic Development, mercedes ibero and the mayor of Sierra Grande, Renzo Tamburrini,

In addition, issues related to the development of the town and the optimization of services were addressed based on the impact that the installation of the Green Hydrogen (H2V) plant will have on the community.

“The purpose is to define the work agenda, through a participatory process, with a wide margin of consensus,” explained the Planning Secretary of Río Negro Daniel Sanguinetti.

“For that, it is essential to maintain permanent contact, because the more information we can exchange, the better the result of the proposal will be,” he added.

In this framework, he called strengthen the articulation between the Province, the Municipality and the community.

As reported, next week another tour of the neighboring Development Commissions is scheduled to address the improvement of connectivity.

“The idea is that all the processes are linked, we are well with the times in terms of planning the region to be able to make it neat and orderly,” he said.

The official highlighted the trajectory of the team of architects that will settle in the area and during the next few days will carry out field trips, hold meetings with municipal and community leaders on specific axes.

“We are working hard on planning and territorial ordering so that it is the community itself and the specialists who determine how the town should grow,” he said.

“The project has already started to a certain extent; the professionals installed in the town are a clear sign that it is already underway,” concluded Sanguinetti.

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