Great Britain converted the Falklands "in one of the most militarized territories in the world"

Great Britain converted the Falklands "in one of the most militarized territories in the world"

Popular Unity described the military maneuvers as “colonial anachronism.”

The organization Popular Unity (UP) accompanied this Sunday the repudiation of the Malvinas Advisory Council in the face of “armed maneuvers” carried out by Great Britain in the archipelago, and which they described as a “colonial anachronism”, a “provocation” and an “act of contempt” towards Argentina.

“The occupation forces that Great Britain illegally maintains in Argentine territory, turning the Malvinas Islands into one of the most militarized territories in the worldare preparing once again to carry out military exercises in the area”, is denounced in the document generated by the Malvinas Question Observatory Advisory Council, dependent on the province of Tierra del Fuego, to which UP signed.

There it is explained that from April 18 to 29 “armed maneuvers” will be carried outwhich are added to other “armed exercises already carried out” in the area and thus constitute a “provocation” and an “act of contempt” towards the Argentine Republic.

The statement condemns the UK’s decision for its “colonial anachronism”since it attempts against “the territorial integrity” of Argentina by adopting the “use of force”, which constitutes an act “unacceptable in this 21st century”.

As explained in the letter, Great Britain “contravenes” resolution 31/49 of the United Nations General Assembly, which “urges both parties to refrain from adopting unilateral decisions that imply changes in the situation while the Islands” go through ” the negotiation process” entrusted by that body.

Likewise, it is explained that the “illegally installed” military forces constitute “a show of force” by the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland who “disregard” UN resolutionswho seek to “find a peaceful and definitive solution” to the sovereignty dispute over the South Atlantic Islands.

“For this reason, the Malvinas Question Observatory Advisory Council strongly rejects and condemns this British military action which, together with the renewal of air defense and surveillance means, represents a threat to the security of the South Atlantic and the entire region,” it was stated. complete in writing.

The governor of Tierra del Fuego, Antarctica and the South Atlantic Islands, Gustavo Melella, had spoken on this subject on Saturday through his Twitter account, where he questioned the British ambassador to Argentina, Kirsty Hayes.

“On behalf of the Fuegians, I express my deepest repudiation regarding the military maneuvers that your country is carrying out in our Malvinas Islands and surroundings,” said the Fuegian president.

Along the same lines as the Malvinas Advisory Council, Melella referred to the non-compliance with resolution 31/49 of the UN General Assembly and also agreed to describe the maneuver as “an unnecessary provocation” carried out “on such heartfelt and for the Argentine people”, in reference to the 40th anniversary of the Malvinas War.

“An action of the government that you represent that, repeatedly, together with its military allies, it only brings insecurity and uncertainty to a region that seeks to ensure peace and cooperation among its member states“, Melella pointed out when addressing the ambassador, and continued: “A region to which your State belongs only by illegally occupying part of our territory.”

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