Great attendance on the first day of the Creative Industries Fair

The second and last day will be this Sunday with shows by Marilina Bertoldi, Estelares, Rusherking, Turf and more / Photo Eva Cabrera

The Creative Industries Fair (Finde) of the province of Buenos Aires had its first day this Saturday at the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium in La Plata with an important public that gathered to enjoy design proposals, editorial and audiovisual materials, gaming, talks and music shows by emerging and established artists such as Cruzando el Charco and Vicentico.

The threat of rain and the low temperature did not tarnish a day full of rhythm, color and fun that included a variety of artistic and recreational activities from noon this Saturday, and that It will close this Sunday afternoon.

The event, organized by the Cultural Institute of the province, aims to promote the five industries that the Undersecretary of Creative Industries and Cultural Innovation brings together: music, video games, publishing, audiovisual and design.

“It is a very important public policy proposal on culture,” said the president of the Cultural Institute, Florencia Saintoutand stressed that “culture cannot be only what is accessed by paying”, taking into account the free nature of the initiative.

For his part, the vice president of the entity, Gianni Bounno, pointed out that with the event “investment in joy is recovered”, given that, although it is the third edition, it is the first face-to-face.

In this sense, he considered that “virtuality makes it difficult to access to produce cultural meaning, participation in cultural productions and consumption and participation in events that have a call to have fun, to enjoy, to participate collectively to recompose a social fabric damaged by the pandemic.”

The main proposal was the musical shows that gathered the greatest attention from an audience that took advantage of the free nature of a wide variety of shows that divided the presentation into three important stages.

The first chords of the afternoon were put on by Les Neon, a Comodorense band that opened the Code Province stage. Then came the turn of La Plata “Se Va El Camello” who opened the curtain on Cultura Bonaerense, and later Norma y Monstruo who was the first to play on the weekend stage.

(Photos Eva Cabrera)

The shows continued with La Cumparsita. Emiliano “Fino” Santillán, leader of the band, highlighted to Télam the call to the event and assured that he was “happy to participate”. “Being an independent band, it is very difficult to enter the circuit of these moves and it has been spectacular to be able to participate,” added the musician who has been touring stages for 20 years and is preparing to record his fourth album.

The musical proposal continued with Peace, Masticacle Labyrinth and The Folk Beast that brought the rhythm of folklore fused with rock to the stadium grounds. Cachitas Now! was in charge of making cumbia dance and FMK gathered a significant amount of teenage fans thirsty for a photo of their idols.

Crossing the Pond and Zoe Gotusso they appeared when the sun had already gone down and although the temperature was in a marked drop, the barrage of public finished completing the field where they waited for the closure by Vicentico.

Before her presentation, the Cordovan troubadour Gotusso told Télam that “it is always gratifying to be part of a movement that bets on culture. Even more so at this time after having suffered a pandemic, I feel grateful to be able to add from my energy and from my music”.

In the same vein, the 25-year-old artist, who debuted as a soloist with the album “My First Sad Day,” stated that “I am a song lover who thinks that music makes life more beautiful. The same I think about the musical contribution to this day”.

Simultaneously to the musical shows, various activities were developed such as an exhibition of musical designs, editorials, audiovisuals and video game samples.

“Any event where you can see people playing your game live is super useful, not only because of the gratification of seeing the enjoyment of something you did, but also because you can see if it is difficult for them, if they would change something; you take away information that otherwise form is difficult to achieve”, told Télam Lisandro Loreda, developer of three of the 90 video games that were shared on tablets and PCs in one of the tents where, in addition, you could enjoy virtual reality, augmented reality, jazz dance, games

A similar impression was left by Nicanor González, vice president of the Argentine Chamber of Musical Instrument Manufacturers, who accompanied the diverse catalog of manufacturers from Buenos Aires in which they could find everything from electronic and acoustic drums, to stools, bags, amplifiers, guitars, basses, cables, microphones and accessories.

“This space fulfills the function of leaving the niche and even serves to spread what is manufactured or produced here. Any type of visibility of the industry is key”, González explained in conversation with Télam.

The fair also brought together textile design proposals. Lucia Silva was part of the stand of the Chúcara project, an initiative that recovers disused textile material, but that still has a useful life and that proposed people to leave a garment that they no longer use and take a redesigned one. In the tent, in addition, artists intervened with paintings on garments that the public was wearing.

The Buenos Aires Government was also present with a stand from different ministries. The Health, Environment and Women portfolios showed the lines of work and public policies that are being deployed in the province.

In the audiovisual space, one of the talks that attracted the most public was the one given by the Colectivo Actrices Argentinas.

Laura Azcurra, Thelma Fardin, Carolina Fernández, Anabel Cherubito, Alejandra Flechner and Melania Bueno spoke about their fight against sexual and labor abuse, their experience, internal organization and militancy, as well as the role of feminist organizations in social transformation.

Thelma Fardn at the Eva Cabrera Photo Fair
Thelma Fardín at the Fair / Photo Eva Cabrera

“It is a time to change the paradigm in every way and, personally, I cannot remain lukewarm on this. We made a very deep path of transformation and opening it and sharing it is inspiring for other people. It is a powerful activism, exhausting and sad at times, and also gratifying”, Azcurra told Télam.

The fair will have its second and last day this Sunday with the presence of Marilina Bertoldi, Estelares, Rusherking, Turf, and dozens of other artists.

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