Graciela Bianchi to Esteban Valenti: "I am not answering you because you lost a son"

Graciela Bianchi to Esteban Valenti: “I am not answering you because you lost a son”

Senator of the National Party, Graciela Bianchi.
Senator of the National Party, Graciela Bianchi.

The journalist and writer Esteban Valenti came out to criticize the ultra-conservative senator Graciela Bianchi (National Party), who said that the Judicial Power is “infiltrated” by the Frente Amplio and left, and that the University of the Republic is a “power plant of indoctrination”.

“Bigotry in politics is negative and above all DANGEROUS. Graciela Bianchi attacking the Judiciary. The Prosecutors, the University of the Republic is a real danger for national politics, ”Valenti posted on his Twitter account on January 7.

Bianchi responded to that tweet, saying: “I am not answering you because I am too many people not to remember that you lost a child; the worst thing that can happen to a human being. But always remember who I am: I am worth more for what I remain silent than for what I speak ”.

Valenti wrote to the legislator again, asking her not to put “Do not put something as personal as what happened to me with my son and my brother in a political controversy,” and asked her not to keep quiet about anything.

“I write and think what I want: I knew how to get out of” democratic centralism “in time, the legislator commented again.

“It hurts me that a senator falls so low, crawls and even uses very painful losses for me in her alleged controversy, but I am honored to arouse such hatred in such ‘people’, Valenti said Saturday in another tweet.

Hundreds of Internet users and social media users criticized Bianchi for making use of Valenti’s personal situation to respond to him. “Senator Graciela Bianchi is the lowest that a human being can fall by reminding Valenti that a son died, this is right-wing politics,” wrote the person from the account @pelinklein.

“Between the sayings about the Judiciary and the crossing with Valenti, Graciela Bianchi confirmed what we have all known for a long time: It does not measure up to the place it occupies. How easy it seems to be to eat the character nowadays ”, @ drivero8 asserted.

“Yesterday Graciela Bianchi reminding Valenti that her son died, today Bettiana telling Matilde Antía that she is mayor because Abt died. Anyway, that is doing politics with the level of a zócalo, “said the Twitter account @ MarcianoOrient1.

“The unimpeachable Bianchi not only managed to get the focus of the referendum and the Yes vote. She also made Valenti seem a tender being, and worthy of compassion. There is no case, the venom of that bug is powerful ”, commented @DelforGrillo.

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