Gracial and Arruebarrena enhance Cocodrilos roster to baseball Series

The internationals Yurisbel Gracial and Bárbaro E. Arruebarrena enhance the roster of Cocodrilos de Matanzas for the XLI National Baseball Series (SNB), scheduled to begin on January 23 at the Mártires de Barbados stadium, in the province of Granma.

Gracial, with experience in rented baseball from Canada and Japan, in addition to being a key player in the Cuban national team, will begin the qualifying stage with those led by Armando Ferrer, after several seasons with little participation in the domestic fight.

For his part, Arruebarrena, the first former Major League Baseball player to play in the SNB, will join the team in the coming days to reinforce a crowded central line, according to information provided by the manager himself in statements to the specialized press.

Ferrer, the main architect of the title won by the Crocodiles in Series 59, said that the greatest strength of the group lies in the unity that characterizes it, in addition to the experience of most of its members, who “know how to do what they have to do. inside baseball diamonds “.

In the official presentation, chaired by Mario Sabines Lorenzo, governor of the province of Matanzas, Naikel Cruz, Andrys Pérez and Roberto Álvarez, bronze medalists in the I Junior Pan American Games in Cali-Valle, Colombia, played between the months November and December before.

Juan Reinaldo Pérez Pardo, national baseball commissioner, urged those elected to offer a sporting event that meets the demands of the fans on the island, under strict compliance with sanitary measures to prevent the spread of the disease known as COVID- 19.

Here’s the team’s payroll:

Receivers: Ariel Martínez, Andrys Pérez and Roberto Loredo

Infielders: Yurisbel Gracial, Bárbaro E. Arruebarrena, Yadir O. Mujica, Jefferson Delgado, Aníbal Medina, Javier Camero, Yariel Duque, Julio C. González and Roberto A. Acea.

Gardeners: Eduardo Blanco, Yadir Drake, Ariel L. Sánchez, William L.
Campillo, Juan M. Vázquez, Roberto Álvarez and Yoisnel Camejo;

Pitchers: Yoanni Yera, Renner Rivero, Naykel Y. Cruz, Noelvis Entenza, Joel Suárez, Yamichel Pérez, Jonder Martínez, Dariel Góngora, Armando A. Dueñas, Haykel Parra, Yaniel Blanco, Carlos B. Álvarez, Reymond Piñeiro.

Reserve: Evelio Y. Hernández, Danell Figueroa, Brian Y. Rodríguez, Edel Tamayo, Eduardo Parreira, Adrián J. Pérez, Andy Quesada, Denis Quesada, Yamiel Deulofeu and Alain López.

Director: Armando Ferrer.

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