Governor of Querétaro condemns violence in Corregidora Stadium

Governor of Querétaro condemns violence in Corregidora Stadium

Queretaro, Qro. After the violence that occurred this afternoon in the encounter between Gallos Blancos and Atlasin the Corregidora Stadium, the governor of Querétaro, Mauricio Kuri GonzalezHe condemned these acts.

Through his social networks, he pointed out that investigations will be initiated, to determine responsibilities, either by action or omission.

He added that the company that owns the local team and the institutions involved will have to answer for the facts.

“I strongly condemn today’s violence at the Corregidora Stadium. The company that owns Gallos and institutions must answer for the facts. I have given instructions to apply the law with all its consequences. In Querétaro there is no impunity”, he stated.

So, postponed work tour that next week would start with Europeuntil the corresponding investigations are initiated.

“In a few minutes I will have a meeting with those responsible for Public Security and the Government. For this reason, I have postponed my departure to Europe on an investment attraction tour until the investigations are initiated and responsibilities are determined, by action or omission.

This afternoon, during the football game fans of both teams clashedattacks that continued to the stadium field.

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