Governor of La Araucanía summons President Boric and new minister Carolina Tohá: “It would be good if they came to the region where they are most needed”

Assuring that the acts of violence in the south continue even after the arrest of Héctor Llaitul, the governor of La Araucanía, Luciano Rivas, addressed the appointment of Carolina Tohá as the new Minister of the Interior, days after the cabinet change made by the President Gabriel Boric after the triumph of Rejection in the constitutional plebiscite on September 4. The independent and close to Evópoli said that it would be good for both the President and the new chief of staff to go to “the region where they are most needed.”

in conversation with emmol, Rivas focused on the search for agreements and strategies to reduce acts of violence in the south of the country, which he assures have been maintained repeatedly after the arrest of the leader of the Coordinadora Arauco Malleco (CAM), Héctor Llaitul. “We continue with a flow of attacks practically a daily attack, both in the Araucanía Region and in the Biobío Region. These last days with demands for the release of Llaitul (…) These are things that unfortunately one expects to happen when it happens an arrest of the magnitude of the person of Héctor Llaitul, from the point of view of the leadership he has within the radical organizations in our area,” he said.

Governor Rivas stated that the great challenge that Carolina Tohá will have as head of the Interior and Public Security is directly related to generating a strategy that allows the arrest of members of other radical groups that exercise violence in the south, beyond the CAM. “It starts with the arrest of Héctor Llaitul, but the main challenge today for the new minister, Carolina Tohá, is how to continue moving forward in removing the rest of the people who are behind the attacks and these violent organizations from circulation. Llaitul is the great ideologue, but from here other organizations emerge where they are coordinated by the Arauco Malleco Coordinator, but below this there are others,” Governor Rivas pointed out to the electronic medium.

“If someone thought that with the arrest of Llaitul this was going to end, it was very difficult for that to happen, because these groups always respond to this type of action when the State has some effect. The only thing that with Llaitul is it possible to give a little of justice to so many victims in our region, but this is only the beginning of what we would hope would be a well-marked strategy to continue with this process of dismantling these groups,” stressed the head of the Araucanía Governor’s Office.

In this sense, Luciano Rivas invited President Gabriel Boric to visit the Araucanía Region, extending the call to the new chief of staff. “It would be good if he came with his new minister to the region where he is most needed (…) At one point it was said that when the conditions are right, I believe that the President is the person who has the greatest security in the country. He said he wanted to come when he had good news. We don’t need him here giving good news, we need him here worrying about security,” he said.

Regarding the appointment of Ana Lya Uriarte in the General Secretariat of the Presidency (Segpres) instead of the former deputy RD Giorgio Jackson, valuing the continuity of Manuel Monsalve in the Undersecretary of the Interior over the appointment of Nicolás Cataldo (PD), Rivas stressed that La Moneda appointed two women with political experience (Tohá and Uriarte). “I think it’s a wise move that the President makes. I think that removing the embarrassment of what happened with the Undersecretary of the Interior, I think they were two intelligent appointments, in the sense that the President is going to be able to have people who also align towards moderation and towards the center and that is what we hope will be done,” said the regional authority, expressing “hope that we can have good results with these two appointments.”

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