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Bolsonaro says he will inaugurate this year the North-South Railway

The candidate for re-election to the Presidency of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro (PL), highlighted today (9) that Brazil has agreed to use the rail modal in its transport matrix and announced, soon, the inauguration of the North-South Railway, connecting the North of the country to the Southeast and other regions. He campaigned in municipalities in Maranhão and Tocantins.Bolsonaro says he will inaugurate this year the North-South Railway

“Still this year, a major project will be inaugurated, the North-South Railway. It is born in the state of Maranhão and, in large part, passes through Tocantins, Goiás and goes to Rio de Janeiro. There are 4,100 km of railroad. Brazil woke up to its railroad mark. Fantastic things we have done all over Brazil. Even with a small budget, because we have a ceiling on expenses, but using this resource honestly, there is money left over for many works”, said Bolsonaro, in the city of Araguatins (TO), already on the border with Pará, in the region known as Bico do Parrot.

Speaking on a stage, alongside political leaders and candidates, the president praised agribusiness, the main economic activity in the region, which will benefit from the expansion and full operation of the North-South Railway, through which local production will be transported to other states and countries.

“Here is a large area, focused on agribusiness. You are proud of our Brazil. They are the engine of our economy. You guarantee our food security and that of more than 1 billion people around the world. The world, without Brazil, goes hungry. And you know that we have a good relationship with the whole world. We have been trading fertilizers with Russia for six months. Thanks to this, our production in the field is guaranteed. We are looking for alternatives and, in a few years, we will be self-sufficient in fertilizers in Brazil,” said Bolsonaro.

The candidate addressed the issue of the covid-19 pandemic, saying that he bought millions of doses of vaccine for the population, which could be immunized. He also stressed that he needed to approve emergency aid to help those in need.

“In two years of the pandemic, there was no lack of resources for any state or municipality in Brazil. We bought more than 500 million doses of vaccines for the people, who took it voluntarily. We serve the most needy with emergency aid”, recalled the president.

The candidate started his campaign in the city of Imperatriz (MA), passing through Axixá do Tocantins (TO), where he held a brief rally, and Augustinópolis (TO). On the way, Bolsonaro participated in a motorcycle and rode in an open car, waving to the population, who gathered on the side of the road to watch the president pass.

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