Governor Maciste Díaz escapes in a protest van from Tayacaja university students

Governor Maciste Díaz escapes in a protest van from Tayacaja university students

Students from the Food Industries of the National Autonomous University of Tayacaja Daniel Hernández Morillo (UNAT), came to Huancavelica to demand that the regional governor fulfill his commitment and build infrastructure and a laboratory for them.

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The young people waited for the regional governor. Maciste Díaz Abad, left a press conference to address him, however, he got into his truck and fled the scene.

The young people did not stay there, for at least two blocks, until the front of the Santo Domingo Church, they followed the official van, where they could speed up more.

“That Maciste Díaz keep his word to carry out the infrastructure and equipment of the Food Industries career, several years ago he made a public commitment in Tayacaja; Until now there is nothing and they take us as a mockery; we need our laboratories, tools to develop ourselves as good professionals”, affirmed the student representative Eliane Soller Asto for Correo Huancavelica.

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The student said that they have been studying without adequate laboratories to learn and that their professional career is very important to lift the region out of poverty and children out of malnutrition.

“We are potential (for the development) of the agriculture and livestock industry, and we are practically nothing, Food Industries we have nothing, we study with what there is, we do not have the necessary equipment to carry out research,” said the student.

The one who did stay with the students and offered dialogue was the regional manager, Héctor Riveros Carhuapoma, who accompanied them to the regional headquarters.

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Riveros Carhuapoma said that the Regional Government had complied with preparing the technical file, however, for the responsibility of the construction of the work, he said that 33 million is needed, which must be financed by the Ministry of Education.

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