Governor-elect of Concepción promises “open doors” and transparency

Governor-elect of Concepción promises "open doors" and transparency

The final decision of the TSJE was in favor of Liz Meza by 42 votes difference over Eliseo Guggiari (PLRA).

The governor-elect, Liz Meza, mentioned that there were days of great uncertainty and now he will start working for the department.

“The entire department was waiting for this resolution and for the situations that were occurring these days to be clarified,” said Meza.

Said The ANR team had been convinced of victory since the April 30 elections. “We always trust the work of the Electoral Justice. With this it was possible to verify, analyze table by table and we can say that there was no fraud. It was won with the popular vote, ”she stressed.

He also mentioned that The priority will be to achieve transparency in the departmental administration, For this, he indicated that the transition team is close to being formed in order to have complete information by August 15.

“The department of Concepción is in intensive care and we have to give it life. That is achieved with transparency. More than ever, they will have a governor of the people, a departmental government that will have its doors open, without distinction of color, ”she emphasized.

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