Government will work so that air tickets do not rise more than 14%

Government will work so that air tickets do not rise more than 14%

The Minister of Transportation, Guillermo Francisco Reyes González, announced a joint effort between the National Government, air operators and tour operators in order to reduce the impact on the price of air tickets after December 31, 2022, date on which the 5% tax benefit ends.

(The reasons why air tickets would go up between 30% and 40%).

“I have had the opportunity to talk with several representatives of the transport and tourism sector with the purpose that we, as a Government, without ignoring the power that exists today of tariff freedom, seek joint work that generates competition so that only one impact is 14% increase in tickets, VAT growth. And that neither inflation nor the CPI hit the values ​​of the tickets ”, assured Minister Reyes González.

At the moment, the price of air tickets has a tax benefit that includes a 5% VAT that expires on December 31.

(Get ready: airline tickets will go up in price by 2023, why?).

Through consensus, The idea is to achieve that, added to that 5%, the increase in the price of the tickets does not exceed 14%, from the first of January.

“We have to preserve air navigation, tourism and essential air services. Our purpose as a government, as the Ministry of Transportation, as Civil Aeronautics, will always be the user, the passenger”added the Minister of Transport.

(Costs to consider if you’re going to be traveling by road.)

According to Reyes González, through consensus with the different sectors, it will be possible to find solutions so that the increases do not affect the pocket of Colombians. He also said that, with the Transportation Superintendency, possible abusive behavior towards users will be monitored.


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