Edward Málaga asks Castillo "not to act recklessly" after returning the presidential vacancy motion

Government will take legal action if the presidential vacancy materializes, warns Félix Chero

The Minister of Justice and Human Rights, announced that the Government of He will resort to the Constitutional Court and other instances in the event that Congress obtains the 87 votes necessary to vacate the president.

“[¿Ustedes no reconocerían como legitima esa vacancia?] Because it’s not legitimate. [¿El presidente se quedaría en Palacio de Gobierno?] That will be evaluated, but all constitutional and supranational channels will be used to defend what corresponds,” he said.

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“We have indicated that all constitutional and supranational channels will be used to defend what corresponds in a democracy in a constitutional State. It will have to be established that there is an imminent damage to constitutional rights and a precautionary measure will have to be instrumentalized via an amparo or a provisional measure before the corresponding international instances”, he declared to Exitosa.

“[¿No van a aceptar la moción de vacancia?] That’s right and for a simple reason. What is intended with this third vacancy is to make a subjective hybrid of causes that have already been discussed in the first and second vacancy. In addition, they want to make inferences and legal qualifications of facts and apparent elements of conviction that have not been corroborated that correspond to the fiscal field. They want to build a permanent moral incapacity on the basis of an investigation, ”he added.

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His statements are given a few days after Congress debates and votes on the vacancy motion against President Pedro Castillo, under the grounds of permanent moral incapacity. It has not yet been confirmed that the president will be present or if he will send his lawyer in his place. The session is scheduled for this Wednesday, December 7 at 3 in the afternoon.


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