Abel Martínez: «limitación venta de alcohol refleja desconocimiento para frenar la delincuencia”

Abel Martínez: “misguided, disrespectful and unfair” statements by Vila Del Castillo

Santiago.- The presidential candidate for the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD) Abel Martínez described as “misguided, disrespectful and unfair” the declarations of the executive commissioner for the implementation of the Police Reform, José Vila Del Castillo, who stated that corruption within the National Police, it has been entrenched in that institution from director to director to the last level.

Abel Martínez expressed that apart from being disrespectful, “Vila He is a magician who in just three weeks was able to make a diagnosis that allows him the audacity to classify the more than 37,000 law enforcement officers in the same package of rotten apples that have always existed, that corrupt the system and that are still there contaminating some from the inside and others from the outside».

Similarly, through a press release, Martínez stated that “the first thing that must be done so that the body of order can advance in the urgent but politicized police reform, It is that the Ministry of the Interior assumes its responsibility as head of the National Police and that together with the Presidency work on proper planning that allows the technification and training of the agents and initiate the depoliticization of said institution.

“That the aspects that must be strengthened in the organic law of the Police be reviewed, tending to strengthen and implement the reform and not give the processes so much delay, eliminate the stones and the egos that within the same PN, they have made the transformation impossible ”, he pointed out.

The mayor of Santiago stated that there has been a lack of will to implement public policies that are effective and lasting over time, that even restore the confidence of the population in law enforcement since, in his opinion, the few measures that have been taken are fading long before it starts to show results.

“Inside of National Police there are officers who have been trained to make police reform possible, at all levels, however, it is not with words, acts or selective media operations that progress will begin to be made, to be effective against crime and in the protection of citizens,” he added.

“On the contrary, the institution must have a budget according to the needs, which will allow increasing the deployment of patrols on everything in motorcycles and trucks, equipped with adequate communication routes, implement assistance controls and biometric monitoring that make it possible to ensure that the agents are in the positions and places where they should be, among other actions,” said Abel.

He also assured that to the extent that the agents feel trained and supported by their institution, that the real supervision of them is effective, that they feel the supervision, little by little it will also be cleaned up because they will not be afraid to denounce if their superiors pressure them to do what is not right.

“We are not saying that the National Police it is clean, because it is not like that, but it is not fair to demoralize those who are on the front lines of the battle against crime, I repeat, the bad guys are a group that is easy to detect and neutralize in different ways. It is not with foreign declarations that the problems are going to be solved, nor with the famous cliché of a strong hand”, he said.

«It is with will, with determination, with firmness and with adherence to human rights; but where the pulse should not tremble is when implementing from the Government, the necessary actions, regardless of the political cost that this brings, we must go head-on and put the safety of the population and the fight against crime: discipline and order”, expressed Abel Martínez.

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