Government will leave the project of digital centers in motion

Government will leave the project of digital centers in motion

During the Claro Tech Summit 2022which takes place in Cartagena, the ICT Minister, Carmen Ligia Valderrama, announced that the Government is going to stop running more than 10,000 connected digital centers in the country.

(Claro announced an investment of US$150 million in digital transformation).

He explained that the portfolio has already signed the memorandum of understandingor what “It will allow us to let the digital zones project go.”

However, for now there is only progress in the contractual process, but then comes a planning stage and finally an execution stage, which would take around 18 months.

(Technology at the service of business and other themes of the Claro Tech Summit).

“Although we will not execute the project, it is certain that we will leave 10,000 digital centers”, assured after his presentation at the technology event.

Likewise, the minister specified that the signing of the contract with ETBfor the operator to start with the deployment of connectivity.

Recently, in an interview with BriefcaseSergio González Guzmán, president of ETB, said that the company was ready and waiting to sign the contract.

“In 18 months, the more than 6,000 digital centers must be connected. This is a project that has a budget of $1.071 billion to be executed in the next 10 years. This, in the end, demonstrates the focus that we have as an administration to continue promoting ETB”González Guzmán told this media outlet.

The project seeks to install 14,745 digital centers so that people have the necessary tools to freely consult different sources of information, access services, carry out procedures online, develop entrepreneurships, receive training, find new job opportunities, be in contact with relatives who are far away, among other benefits thanks to the use of technology.

This initiative allows those communities that live in rural areas and municipal capitals of 917 municipalities of 31 departments of the country can access Internet service at no cost without having to travel long distances to do so.


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