Government says there is no de-escalation and considers it a mistake to authorize the Carnival

Government says there is no de-escalation and considers it a mistake to authorize the Carnival

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The Minister of Health and Sports, Jeyson Auza, affirmed this Thursday that there can be no talk of de-escalation of positive cases of Covid-19 in the country and said that “it would be a mistake” to authorize Carnival activities, as expected in Santa Cruz or in Oruro.

“We are not in a de-escalation, we must be very clear about that. We have an epidemiological week where there was a 21% decrease in cases, that does not mean de-escalation. When this continues for more than three weeks, we will be talking about a de-escalation, not before, there is a trend towards de-escalation, which we see with hope, but we cannot talk about de-escalation, “said the authority.

He added that the decrease in cases does not guarantee any performance of these activities such as the Oruro Carnival or the Santa Cruz pre-carnival.

“It cannot be that when in Santa Cruz we already have two consecutive weeks of declining cases, pre-carnivals are already being announced, we cannot, even with the slightest decrease in cases, neglect biosecurity measures.”

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In his opinion, although there is a decrease in coronavirus cases in Bolivia, it cannot be interpreted as the pandemic ending, therefore, these are decisions that must be made by governors and mayors, within the framework of autonomy.

Official data shows that in the third epidemiological week, seven of the nine departments showed a decrease in positive Covid-19 cases, after the country reached its historical peak since the start of the pandemic.

On Wednesday afternoon, after more than two hours of meeting between the Ministry of Culture, the musicians and representatives of the folk groups, together with the Departmental Health Service, the Oruro Carnival 2022 was confirmed, an activity scheduled for the February 26 and 27 next

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