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Government says that Camacho’s detention cannot be discussed because it respects “to the highest degree” due process

Government says that Camacho's detention cannot be discussed because it respects "to the highest degree" due process

December 30, 2022, 12:40 PM

December 30, 2022, 12:40 PM

The national government ruled this Friday, December 30, on the latest events involving the governor of Santa Cruz, Luis Fernando Camacho, who was apprehended on Wednesday, was taken into custody at dawn this Friday and sent to the Chonchocoro jail for the ‘coup d’état I’ case.

According to Iván Lima, Minister of Justice, All the actions of the Bolivian Police, the Prosecutor’s Office and the judicial administration are framed within due process and it cannot be discussed, because the cause dates back two years, in which the elected authority did not appear to testify.

“Neither the arrest warrant, neither the actions of the Police, nor the precautionary hearing can be discussed in the field of due processwith legal arguments,” said the headline, emphasizing that the application of the rules is the same for all Bolivians, because “there are no first and second class citizens.”

At a press conference, Lima assured that “due process is scrupulously respected in the Plurinational State of Bolivia.” In addition, accused Camacho of hindering the case, denying his contest on at least four occasions before the Public Ministry to testify.

The press conference:

“There was a tax order, after it was notified repeatedly, the Public Ministry had no other option, the order was issued in October of this year and This situation leads us to absolutely rule out that the Government can endorse or allow a kidnapping. Kidnapping is when a person who has no power or legal basis deprives a citizen of his freedom, this has no connotation of these characteristics, ”he remarked.

assured that the writ of urgency was issued from the Prosecutor’s Office, it has jurisdictional control and was executed by the Police “in the correct terms of due process”, explaining that the circular of the Departmental Court of Justice of La Paz or the judicial vacation, on the non-carrying out of apprehensions at this time, do not limit the actions of the Ministry Public.

We are doing it, we are fully respecting due processtransparency in the performance of justice and we are guaranteeing independence under the terms of the Constitution and Law 1970, with other actors who do not act with moderation, who seek justice to act under threat, by blackmail, those people that call for violence in Santa Cruz,” he said.

Finally, the minister informed that one of the freedom actions presented by the governor’s defense was rejected in La Paz, another, which is identical, will be considered by a court in Santa Cruz; In addition, criminal proceedings will be activated against those who are leading the takeover of public institutions in the capital of Santa Cruz.

“It cannot be paid by the taxes of Bolivians, whoever destroys, burns, or causes damage to the State’s assets, must answer to justice, Criminal actions will be activated against those who prevent the normal development of activities in Santa Cruz”, he warned.

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