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Government rules out cyberattack after fall of websites of 17 ministries and the INE

During this day, the fall of the websites of 17 ministries and the National Institute of Statistics (INE) was reported. Specifically, when trying to enter the pages, it took a long time to load and later the following message appeared: “This website cannot be accessed”.

In this regard, the Computer Security Incident Response Team (CSIRT) of the Ministry of the Interior specified that this problem was due to an update that was being applied to the communications equipment of the RCE (State Connectivity Network), for which blocked all access to the sites.

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This fact meant that all traffic to the sites was not possible, so that between 10:41 and 11:36 today the services provided by the organizations in the RCE were not available to citizens.

The establishment indicated that due to the details of the web crash, a cyberattack is ruled out, adding that no government data was compromised since access to the Executive’s websites was automatically blocked.

The CSIRT also stated that the work verification protocols with the manufacturer, supplier and internal team will be reviewed so as not to repeat what happened today.

“The RCE is the government network that connects all the ministries and main services for interconnection. Among them, internet and security services provided by the CSIRT,” the statement concluded. Radio Bio Bio.

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