Government renews the state of emergency for 30 days

Government renews the state of emergency for 30 days

The measure is applied in nine provinces, including Guayas and Pichincha, which are considered most affected by insecurity.

The Ecuadorian Government decreed the renewal for an additional 30 days on Exception status that he had decreed on October 18 as a result of a serious crisis of security in the streets and in prisons, reported the Secretary of Communication.

«By executive decree 257, the first president Guillermo Lasso renewed the Exception status declared on October 18 (..) for a period of 30 more days, “says the official statement.

The measure will be applicable in nine provinces, the most punished by the unsafety throughout this year, and among which stand out El Oro, Guayas, Santa Elena, Manabí, Esmeraldas and Pichincha.

According to the Government, the objective of the continuity of the Exception status it is “to protect the rights of the people in Ecuador, as well as to control the circumstances of insecurity that have been generated, to restore peaceful coexistence and public order.”

The Exception status allows the deployment of the Armed Forces for missions of security citizenship and against crime in the nine provinces mentioned by the decree, among them, those of executing operations of “control, searches and requisition” in cases of possession of weapons, and substances subject to control.

The renewal of the emergency comes a few days after a new massacre in the Guayaquil Litoral Penitentiary, in which 62 inmates died in a settling of scores between criminal gangs over the weekend.

Like that, there have been others this year, the most serious in February, with 79 murdered, and in September, with 119.

According to the authorities, what is happening in the prisons is a reflection of a struggle in the streets of the country for the control of drug trafficking, between gangs with connections to international cartels.

As part of that struggle, cities on the Ecuadorian coast have seen a severe increase in crime, murder and hitmen. EFE


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