Government raises its hands and says that the demand for blockers is the responsibility of Santa Cruz

After the Minister of Public Works, Édgar Montaño, refused to attend the dialogue called by the Government of Santa with the blockers of San Julián, from the Ministry of Planning they also came out to expose that they have no tuition in the search for consensus that the Santa Cruz governor Luis Fernando Camacho is looking for.

And it is that the highest authority from Santa Cruz summoned the central government to “give a real solution to the demands” of those mobilized who respond to the social movements related to masismo and who ask for the construction of the highway Brecha Casarabe-Núcleo 41as well as the maintenance of the Los Troncos-Okinawa section, among other demands.

Before the departmental call, Montaño clarified to Camacho that if what he is looking for is to manage resources for the construction of said road, in any case he should go to the Planning and Economy portfolios. They raised their hands and chose not to intercede or contribute to the search for an agreement to lift the mobilization, where the most affected are the neighbors and carriers.

However, the Planning portfolio was the first to align itself with Minister Montaño and state that the The aforementioned road is part of the departmental road networkso it is a project whose responsibility lies with the Governorate and not with the central government.

In addition, from Planning they reported that “No communication regarding the management of external financing has been received from the Autonomous Departmental Government of Santa Cruz”whose matter falls to the regional entity commanded by Camacho, as established by law.

This Friday takes place the fifth day of blockade in San Julián and in the middle of Attempt at dialogue between the Santa Cruz Government and social movements mobilized there is still no agreement.

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