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Government places immediate discussion on 27 projects in the Senate: legislators describe it as “impossible” and “absurd”

Government places immediate discussion on 27 projects in the Senate: legislators describe it as "impossible" and "absurd"

The Government entered immediate discussion on 27 bills that are being processed in the Senate. The measure is the most urgent that the Executive can place. In this way, it seeks that the initiatives are dispatched by the Upper House within a maximum period of six days.

Among the initiatives to which immediate discussion was placed are the one that regulates the state of alert to prevent damage and critical infrastructure, the one that modifies the Arms Control law, and the one that includes the crime of fires in places destined for worship. religious.

The minister of the General Secretariat of the Presidency (Segpres), Juan Jose OssaHe pointed out that “there are not so many legislative weeks left for the term of the Government, so our idea is to push a lot of initiatives. We are more than available to coordinate in the way that they can get ahead “, he collects Radio Bío Bío.

“There are many legal initiatives that are about to become law and, in that sense, we want to take advantage of each legislative hour to continue moving forward. There are others that we hope are quite advanced, “added the Secretary of State.

“Impossible” and “absurd”

For his part, the Vice President of the Senate, Jorge Pizarro (DC), described the action of the Executive as “impossible.” “It will be necessary to review it, because it is impossible for 35 projects (there are 27) to be immediately discussed these days,” said the senator.

Meanwhile, the legislator Jose Miguel Insulza (PS), expressed that “no parliament in the world is capable of discussing 27 bills in a week, or it does it very badly. This simply shows a system that we must find some way to better regulate ”.

“There are projects that require a long study. For example, I now have in my hands the project on the creation of the Ministry of Public Security and it was immediately discussed ”, he continued.

“We are going to approve it in general next week surely, so that afterwards I will go to Sala and return for the indications. How do you do all that in one week? It is completely impossible. So this 27 immediate discussions is completely absurd. ” added Senator PS.

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