Government of Venezuela and PAHO make up the Immunization Committee

Government of Venezuela and PAHO make up the Immunization Committee

The Venezuelan Ministry of Health reported that the goal of vaccinating 70% of the child population between June and August was set, but the goal was met in 29%

The Vice Ministry of Hospitals of Venezuela formed an Immunization Committee together with representatives of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and other state entities, the Ministry of Health reported this Friday, August 26.

The authorities, according to a statement from the agency, held a meeting with representatives of PAHO, the Ambulatory Network, the Fundación Misión Barrio Adentro, the National Commission for Nursing, Indigenous Health, the Office of Communication and Institutional Relations, and the Directorate of Immunizations. for unify criteria

Likewise, evaluate and plan in an articulated manner between said institutions to carry out the Follow-up Vaccination Campaign in remote areas, indicated the web portal Cocuyo effect.

“Mass vaccination against measles, rubella and polio must be done indiscriminately in hard-to-reach locations, but the support of external organizations is necessary to reach them,” explained the director general of Epidemiology, José Manuel García.

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For her part, the National Director of Immunizations, Florelvis Farías, indicated that it is necessary to hold this type of meeting periodically, to evaluate the regions with “abandoned immunization” rates because “a state without reaching the goal implies that the entire country does not does it”, reported the information.

The Ministry noted that the goal was to vaccinate 70% of the child population between June and August, but the goal was covered by 29%, so they will continue with fortnightly committee meetings to seek strategies to reach the most “isolated” communities.

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