Mamani on allegations of corruption: They harm the image of the Government

Government of Potosí will prosecute 17 officials for the ghost ambulance contract

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The governor of Potosí, Jhonny Mamani, announced this Friday that criminal proceedings will be initiated against 17 government officials who participated in the process of acquiring the 41 ghost ambulances, to determine administrative, civil and criminal responsibilities. The annulment of all contracts signed with the company Estefals Logistics was also ordered.

“The intervention of the Transparency Unit of the Government of Potosí was requested, from which the following report and recommendations are available: initiate the opening of processes against 17 officials of the Government, initially, who participated in the process contracting and thus determine administrative, civil or criminal responsibilities,” he said at a press conference.

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He indicated that another of the conclusions of the unit dependent on Governor Mamani is that they will be asked to initiate criminal proceedings before the Public Ministry against the Estefals Logistics company, for the crimes of ideological falsehood and use of a forged instrument and attacking public health. .

Likewise, proceed to annul all the contracting processes with the Estefals Logistics company and the Government of Potosí, although it did not specify how many were signed with the company that was observed, because it was created overnight and with a capital of 100 thousand bolivianos, despite the fact that the ambulance contract was 20.5 million bolivianos.

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In his defense, the Governor indicated that as soon as he was aware of the observations made to the purchase contract for 41 ambulances, he immediately forwarded the information to different State control bodies, such as the Comptroller’s Office, the Prosecutor’s Office, the Vice Ministry of Transparency and the State Attorney’s Office. .

Given the failed acquisition, Mamani said that the unit in charge now prepares the technical, legal and financial reports to reformulate the budget and start the award process again.

He also maintained that the Government never made any disbursement, either in cash or by check.

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