Government of Haiti encourages dialogue to solve crisis

Port-au-Prince, Feb 14 (Prensa Latina) Haitian Prime Minister Ariel Henry assured today that it is time to dialogue and seek a consensual solution to the country’s crisis, after the failure of the expected meeting with the opposition.

Henry said that he is waiting for a meeting with the signatories of the Montana Agreement to continue the discussions. “No sacrifice is too great for our beloved Haiti,” the head of government wrote on Twitter.

This Monday Henry and his allies had to agree on a roadmap with the opponents, however, both factions claimed to wait without being able to consummate the dialogue.

While the government assured that the prime minister was present at the agreed place and his opponents left without warning, the Montana Agreement Follow-up Office asserted on their networks that they waited for 25 minutes and “no one came to tell us anything.”

“These are signs that the pending dialogue in the country is not taken seriously. We are leaving,” they stated on their official Twitter account.

These two fringes began the talks last Friday and this Monday they had to agree on the main points to be discussed during the next negotiations, after Henry remained in power after February 7.

The Montana Agreement, to which almost a thousand socio-political organizations joined and which was joined by the National Memorandum of Understanding, signed by various parties, maintains that the solution to the country’s crisis requires the establishment of a transitional government of two years, while Henry advocates holding elections later this year.

Neither of the two forces reached a consensus seven months after the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, despite pressure from groups that encourage a merger of the agreements.

Meanwhile, the security situation deteriorates with armed gangs exercising control of crucial areas, while blocking access to the capital, and kidnappings and murders increase.

In January alone, the Episcopal Commission for Justice and Peace recorded 30 violent deaths in the capital and its surroundings, in addition to dozens of injuries.


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