Government of Chile reveals that the leader of the Aragua Train entered with a legal visa in 2017

The Undersecretary of the Interior of the government of Gabriel Boric, Manuel Monsalve, clarified that a subject nicknamed Estrella and who serves as the leader of the criminal group linked to the Aragua Train, had a valid visa when he entered Chile in 2017 and it was renewed in 2019. “To demolish myths: the main leader of the Aragua Train did not enter through an unauthorized passage, he did not enter hidden.” The group that operates in northern Chile, as a franchise of the Venezuelan, threatened Carabineros, the police of the southern country

The Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, announced that this Wednesday the 3rd he will visit the region of Arica and Parinacota, after the threats received by Carabineros from members of the Aragua Train, reported Radio Bio Bio.

The media had warned of the threat of the organized crime group that acts as a kind of franchise of the group of Venezuelan origin.

This Tuesday, August 2, a special commission of the Chamber of Deputies quoted the Minister of the Interior Izkia Siches and addressed with her the measures that must be taken to stop the criminal expansion that they attribute to the arrival of Venezuelan criminals. Deputies pointed out that the modus operandi such as extortion and kidnapping were not typical of criminal activity in that country.

The Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, in his appearance in the Senate for other issues, revealed that the leader of the Aragua Train in Chile did not enter the country through an unauthorized passage, but instead presents a visa that has been changing since 2017 , asserting the consequent complexity to identify this type of criminal.

As he said, the subject of Venezuelan nationality and nicknamed Estrella, is in preventive detention after the latest police procedures in the north.

«To demolish myths: the main leader of the Aragua Train did not enter through an unauthorized passage, he did not enter hidden. He first did it with a tourist visa in 2017 and then he was given a temporary one in 2019 », Monsalve asserted.

“The members of the Aragua Train who were charged in March are in jail. 10 of them were truthfully connected with the group, they had a leader who was directly related to the leader in Venezuela, and today he is in jail,” added the Undersecretary of the Interior.

Monsalve also lamented that unknown have set fire, this Monday, August 1, belongings of Venezuelan citizens in the framework of the demonstration in Arica for the death of a 16-year-old Bolivian by a knife. Locals said the killers were “foreigners.”

“Taking justice into one’s own hands is not an acceptable path for the government,” Monsalve said.

The mayor of Arica, Gerardo Espíndola, expressed on Canal 24 Horas that in the framework of the migratory crisis “what we did was to import cartels, mafias, organized crime. What hurts me the most about this whole process is that it is not something that caught us by surprise, it is something that we have been warning about for quite some time. I have all the records of the meetings I had with the previous government since 2018.”

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