Government has forgotten the communities and productive sectors, denounces Abel

Carrera de Yeguas, San Juan- The leadership of the Dominican Liberation Party (PLD), together with a significant participation of community and productive sectors of the San Juan province, made it felt last Saturday with massive support, that Abel Martínez in this region , has guaranteed victory ahead of the internal process on October 16.

In each of the activities headed by Martínez, the enthusiasm of the attendees, intermingled between men and women of all ages, overflowed, and where a meeting surpassed the previous one in joy, prevailing human warmth and genuine expressions of affection that characterize to the Dominicans

Abel thanked each one of those who show support for his aspirations for the commitment and assured that this commits him to work with more forces to continue unifying and strengthening the party around his presidential project, as the only guarantee of removing the PRM from the Government. and thus be able to dignify the lives of Dominicans and guide the nation along paths of security and hope.

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“I know how bitter this government has been, which has abandoned the peasants, the producers, the youth, the women, the fathers of families. I am in his shoes because I listen to them and that is why I work tirelessly so that in 2024 the fate of Dominicans changes because with him PLD We are going to straighten out the crooked path that PRM has taken to the Dominican Republic,” said Abel Martínez.

PLD Abel
Government has forgotten the communities and productive sectors, denounces Abel

The senior political leader once again condemned the lack of capacity of those who run the country to curb crime and the number of social problems faced by the population, and reiterated that both the technical specialists of the PLD and those of his political project are in the best willingness to contribute so that they can be put into practice, actions aimed at reducing this problem, because the party’s desire “and our priority, is that citizens can be safe and that the country advances.”

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