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Government freezes fuel prices

Gobierno congela los precios de combustibles

Prices of Avtur and Kerosene increased again

The Vice Minister of Industry and Commerce, Ramon Perez Ferminannounced today that fuel prices will remain the same for the week from today, Friday, until May 6, in addition, it also announced that the Government has assumed 1,160 million in subsidies to avoid increases in LPG, Gasoline Premium, Regular Gasoline and Regular Gasoil.

«The Government assumes 1,160 million, avoiding increases in LPG in the order of 16 pesos per gallon; in Premium Gasoline for more than 41 pesos; in Regular Gasoline, for almost 49 pesos a gallon; and in Regular Gasoil for almost 100 pesos,” said the deputy minister.

Fuel prices will maintain the same cost of RD$293.60 pesos for Premium Gasoline, RD$274.50 pesos for regular gasoline, RD$241.10 for Optimum Gasoil, RD$221.60 for Regular Gasoil, RD$147.60 for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), and RD$147.60 for Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), and $28.97 Natural Gas.

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“The Dominican government has determined to maintain prices, and that any increase that the market dictates will be administered by the State, thus avoiding it touching the pockets of citizens,” Pérez Fermín explained.

The deputy minister also reported this Friday that the price of avtur will register a rise of 0.49 pesos, going on to cost 277.27 pesos per gallon. Also, the kerosene will go to 314.60 pesos per gallon, after raising 1.20 pesos per gallon. Both rise for the second week in a row.

The deputy minister explained that these measures were taken due to the situation in the world with the war between Russia and Ukraine, which does not seem to end for now.

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