Group of 47 Ukrainians arrive in Brazil in humanitarian reception

Government extends visa for Ukrainian refugees

The federal government has extended the granting of temporary visas and residence permits to Ukrainians who left the European country because of the war. The interministerial decree, signed by the ministers of Justice, Anderson Torres, and of Foreign Affairs, Carlos França, was published today (30) in the Official Diary of the Union.Government extends visa for Ukrainian refugees

The previous ordinance, which authorized the humanitarian reception of Ukrainians, is from March of this year and would expire tomorrow (31). With the new measure, visa and residency applications can be made until March 3, 2023.

The temporary visa benefits those born in Ukraine and stateless persons affected or displaced by the situation of armed conflict in Ukraine, a country that was invaded by Russia in February. According to the ordinance, this measure does not preclude other measures that may be taken by the federal government for the benefit of these people.

The visa will be valid for 180 days. With it, Ukrainians who arrive in Brazil fleeing the war can apply for a residence permit that is valid for two years. If a Ukrainian citizen is already in Brazil, regardless of the war taking place in his homeland, and wants to apply for a residence permit, he can also do so. The expected period is also two years.

After arriving in Brazil, the refugee has 90 days to start the process of recognition of stateless status with the Ministry of Justice and Public Security, through the SisApatridia system.

The visa application depends on the presentation of a valid travel document, a completed visa application form, proof of means of transport for entry into Brazilian territory and a criminal record certificate. The latter must be dispatched in Ukraine. If this is not possible, a declaration of absence of a criminal record must be made in any country.

The request for a residence permit must be made to the Federal Police, also within a period of up to 90 days after the refugee’s entry into Brazil. For this purpose, the travel document must be presented, even if the validity date has expired, the birth or marriage certificate, or consular certificate and the declaration of absence of criminal records in Brazil and abroad, in the last five years prior to the date of application for a residence permit.

Before the end of the two-year period of temporary residence, the immigrant may apply to the Federal Police for a residence permit with an indefinite period of validity. In that case, he must renounce refugee status. It is also a requirement that he/she has not been absent from Brazil for a period exceeding 90 days in each migratory year, that he/she has entered and left the national territory exclusively for Brazilian immigration control, that he/she does not present criminal records in Brazil or abroad and that he/she proves means of subsistence.

The Brazilian government guarantees refugees free access to work in Brazil.

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