Government desists and will not sue for State Security Law against truckers who blocked roads

The Government desisted from suing through the State Security Law (LSE), against the truck drivers who carried out the road blockade at the end of April.

Under the LSE, the Ministry of the Interior presented nine complaints, of which two were in Tarapacá, three in Atacama and the others in Coquimbo, Maule, Los Lagos and Magallanes, none of which continued their course.

It was through the presidential delegations that these legal actions were dismissed. In one case, they entered the withdrawal request on September 13 in Tarapacá, which was approved by the Court of Letters and Guarantee of Pozo Almonte on Tuesday.

On the same September 13, the presidential delegations of Los Lagos and Magallanes issued a request to withdraw from the judicial process, requests that were also accepted by the courts, according to Third.

On top of another of the closed cases, from the Public Ministry of Alto Hospicio they indicated that it was “for not having a record to found an accusation”, adding that the court set for November 9 the hearing that “will review said request not to persevere and with it close the case.

From the Undersecretary of the Interior they affirmed to Third that “the withdrawal of the complaints several months after they were filed responds to the work that has been carried out with the truckers throughout this time, which has made it possible to reach agreements on security and public order.”

However, the president of the National Confederation of Freight Carriers (CNTC), Sergio Pérez, indicated that “there was never merit in applying any State Security Law” to truckers, since the routes were not cut off, but “strangled” with the aim of asking for “compression”.

Pérez added that if “the Government has deemed it necessary to withdraw any possible complaint, it seems to me that it is within what a Government has to do that understands that our union action is in line with asking for the right thing, that the rule of law be restored. in the nation.”

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