2023 budget was approved in its first debate in Congress

2023 budget was approved in its first debate in Congress

The General Budget of the Nation (PGN) of 2023 was approved in the first debate by the congressional economic commissionsafter the paper was filed this Tuesday.

Now, the articulated, which responds to a amount for $405.62 billion, which were in mid-September, will be discussed in the plenary of Congress, where there will be a deadline until October 20, at 12:00 pm to approve it.

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Faced with the articles filed by the government of Iván Duque, which contained 80 articles, it was proposed to modify 6, while 74 maintained their original wording and 16 new general provisions were included, for a total of 96 items.

After several hours of discussion, a block of 90 articles was voted on, which had no proposals filed and were approved as they were in the paper, with a total of 28 votes in favor in the Fourth Commission of Camera and 27 for the ‘yes’ and 1 for the ‘no’ in the Third Commission of the same corporation.

In the Senate, this bloc received 15 votes in favor in the Fourth Committee and 2 against, and 13 positive votes in the Third Committee.

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Subsequently, another block of articles, 2, 57, 61, 63, 86, those that did have proposals and 96, corresponding to the validity. This group received 27 positive votes in the Fourth Committee of the Chamber and in the Fourth Committee of the Senate there were 11 for ‘yes’ and 1 for ‘no’.

In the Third Commission, on the Chamber side, 29 representatives gave the group the green light, and one did not vote in favor, and for the Senate the vote was 14 positive votes and 2 for ‘no’.

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For the first debate they were filed 144 propositionswhich remained as records for the discussion in the second debate, by the plenary of the Congress.

According to him Senator for the Liberal Party, John Jairo Roldán, project coordinator, registered propositions that demand additional resources from the PGN for 2023 totaling $24.8 billion, while others conform to the general provisions.

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