Government denounces coup attempt promoted by UNES and Pachakutik

Government denounces coup attempt promoted by UNES and Pachakutik

The Government Ministry assured that it is illegally and unconstitutionally seeking to remove the President of the Republic, Guillermo Lasso. In addition, he recalled that none of the accusations against the president have been proven.

Through a statement, the Government Ministry denounced that a coup is in the making. This statement is given in response to report of the Constitutional Guarantees Commission on the investigation of the Pandora Papers.

This report includes several conclusions, among them, that President Guillermo Lasso did not observe the ethical pact of 2017 and the Organic Law of Application of the Popular Consultation.

“The resolution of the report proposes to the plenary session of the Assembly the unconstitutionality and illegal removal of the President of the Republic. It does not cause surprise and the political eagerness of destabilize the democratic institutionality indicated with absolute clarity by the people at the polls, ”the ministry pointed out.

Furthermore, the Government denounces that lthe commission seeks dismissal of President Lasso under the supposed figure of “serious political crisis and internal commotion.”

This figure is detailed in article 130, numeral 2, of the Constitution of the Republic, and makes possible the removal of the first president with the favorable vote of two thirds of the members of the National Assembly.

To prosper the dismissal, the Vice President of the Republic must assume the presidency; and the National Electoral Council would have to convene early elections, figure known as cross death.

The Ministry of Government also recalled that analyzing the journalistic publication of the ‘Pandora Papers’ it did not correspond to the Human Rights Commission of the Assembly.

“It was born with the obvious intention of attacking the Government, which did not have legal powers to supervise and which in a short time demonstrated its operational, technical and ethical inability to carry out a fairly objective process, which would analyze the facts, the documents presented by the President… ”, states the statement.

Finally, the State portfolio indicated that the Government is clear that there is a conspiracy to destabilize to the system and that its promoter “organized the largest corruption scheme known in the history of Ecuador, from which he profited together with his vice president and his ministers. Who was framed by his own secretary. Who was convicted of aggravated bribery by the justice that he appointed. Who fled the country To escape from prison, he seeks the path of betrayal of the popular will, trying to create a coup”.

Carlos Jijón, presidential spokesman, pointed out on his Twitter account that the National Government calls on the plenary session of the National Assembly, which must now know and discuss the report of the Human Rights Commission, so that it fulfills its role, attached to the Constitution and in defense of democracy, rejecting such a legal and unmotivated opinion.

“The National Government warns that the Commission has disrespected due process and that its action lacks legal validity,” said Jijón.

UNES is the bench that promotes the removal of the President

This Saturday, November 6, 2021, the UNES correista bloc issued a statement in which it summarized the commission’s report, emphasizing the recommendation to remove the president.

“The majority of the multiparty commission, made up of the political forces Pachakutik, UNES and National Agreement, verified that there is a violation by the President of the Republic of the ‘ethical pact’, approved by popular consultation in 2017, and of its Organic Law, which they determine that it is forbidden to have assets or capital, of any nature, in tax havens to those who intend to carry out a dignity of popular election or to be public servants ”, he mentioned.

Given this, the Ministry of Government said it recognized the position of UNES and stressed that they are “bent on promoting a coup d’état.”

However, the State portfolio highlighted the position of other sectors of the Legislature, which despite the opposite positions have distanced themselves from the “coup attempt.”

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