Gobierno entrega el hospital Billini en Ciudad Colonial

Government delivers the Billini hospital in Colonial City

The Government inaugurated yesterday the remodeling of the Father Billini teaching hospitalin the Colonial City, in which he said they invested RD$2.175 million and announced the start of services as of Monday.

The opening ceremony was led by the President Louis Abinadertogether with the Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera; and the Housing and Buildings, Carlos Bonilla.

The remodeling of the hospital center was in charge of Ministry of Housing and Buildings. The architectural infrastructure was built in 1572, and this recent repair started in 2018.

Bonilla explained that the hospital has a care area for adolescents, outpatient, emergency, pharmacy, blood bank, laboratory, 12 offices, tuberculosis unit, intensive care, pathology, and general services, 57 beds for hospitalization and a diabetic foot unit, among other facilities.

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It will also have state-of-the-art equipment, including digital mammography, tomography, digital X-rays, full-body digital densitometry, panoramic dental X-rays, C-arm system, surgical microscope for neurosurgery and spine, and laparoscopic surgery, which will be available. of low-income people, since it will function as a hospital open to the public at minimal costs.

A volunteer will be in charge of supervising the Padre Billini teaching hospital, which could not be sworn in yesterday, due to an impasse over the members.

In the remodeling, the old chapel of San Andrés and its architectural style, hundreds of years old, were taken into account.

Meanwhile, the director of the National Health Service, mario lamainformed that on Monday, the 8th of this month, consultations and image services will begin.

Meanwhile, on September 19 they will begin to offer services in laboratories and non-surgical hospitalizations; then on the 29th they will open the Intensive Care Unit to the public, among others.

The volunteer members They will be Rafael (Fafa) Taveras, the nun Sister Trinidad, Miguel Coste, Dr. Darío de los Santos, the nurse Francisca Medina and the bionalist Ángela Guante.

Present at the event were the president of the Dominican Medical College (CMD), Senén Caba; the auxiliary bishop Monsignor Benito Ángeles, the senator of the National District, Faride Raful and representatives of organizations of the Colonial City.

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