Government communication budget rises by 62% by 2022

Government communication budget rises by 62% by 2022

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The draft General State Budget (PGE) provides 119,789,723 Bolivians for the category called “Communication Coordination Policy” of the Ministry of the Presidency. This amount represents an increase of 62% compared to what is budgeted in the PGE 2021.

The project is in the Planning, Economic Policy and Finance Commission of Deputies. It is expected to be treated on Tuesday.

According to the document, the amount budgeted for “Communication Coordination Policy” for 2022 is 119,789,723 Bolivians, which represents an increase of 62% compared to the budget for 2021 (73,705,898 Bolivians).

The items related to this category are: Vice Ministry of Communication, Communication Policy Management, Illimani Radio – Patria Nueva, Now the People Newspaper and Communication Management.

For Communication Policy Management, 68.9 million Bolivians were budgeted, for the Vice Ministry of Communication 32.5 million Bolivians, for the newspaper Now the People 11.6 million Bolivians, for Communication Management 4.3 million Bolivians and for Radio Patria Nueva 2.3 million Bolivians.

Deputy José Luis Porcel, a member of the Planning Commission, said that the government of President Luis Arce seeks to follow the path traveled by former president Evo Morales in terms of communication.

“The government wants to continue appealing to what happened in 14 years with Mr. Evo Morales, believing that with the means of communication that it has at its disposal, both audiovisual, written etc., they will try to convince the entire population that we are living good ”, assured the legislator of the Citizen Community.

Pórcel considers the 62% increase in the budget for the category “Communication Coordination Policy” “illogical”, given that it considers that the country needs “less speech, fewer fights”, on one side and the other, and requires more generation of sources of work and have a serious reactivation plan.

On November 25, the Minister of Economy, Marcelo Montenegro, said that among the objectives of the PGE 2022 are the transformation of the productive apparatus with import substitution and industrialization, continue with the implementation of social policies with income redistribution, safeguard the sustainability of public finances and guarantee resources for health, education, housing and basic services, among others.

The PGE 2022

  • Presentation On November 25, the Minister of Economy, Marcelo Montenegro, presented the General State Budget (PGE) 2022.

  • Position During his presentation, Montenegro highlighted the “effort that will be made in the 2022 administration to increase the productive capacity of the economy.”

  • Description The PGE 2022 projects a growth rate of the Gross Domestic Product of 5.1%, an inflation rate of 3.4%; a fiscal deficit of -8% and public investment with an emphasis on the productive sector that reaches US $ 5,015 million.

  • Assembly The project is in the Legislative. He joined the Planning Commission of the Chamber of Deputies. It is expected that next Tuesday it will be dealt with in that instance.

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