Government begins clearing land in La Cuaba

Government begins clearing land in La Cuaba

Santo Domingo.-The Executing Technical Unit for State Land Titling (UTECT), together with the Governorate of the Santo Domingo province and the City Council of the Municipal District of La Cuaba, are taking steps to title 4,000 families occupying land in that demarcation of the capital. .

The executive director of the UTECT, Mérido Torres, said that the intention is to reach agreements with the owners of the land so that the Government declares them of public utility and then announce the launch of the works, which entails the demarcation and census process. to identify the veracity of both the properties and the people who occupy the properties.

“Today we initiate the request to the National Cadastre to do the work of evaluating the land and the same is done by the private party, to make the titling possible,” explained Torres.

On her side, the governor of the province of Santo Domingo, Julia Drullard, highlighted as extraordinary the work that the UTECT is carrying out, recognizing families that have decades of acquired rights, which is why the president of the Dominican Republic, Luis Abinader , wants each person who is on State land to have a definitive title to their land or property.

“On this occasion we came to deal with the case of 4,000 families who are living in the Municipal District of La Cuaba occupying private land, that is why we are managing to have those of plot 26 of La Cuaba declared of public utility and grant them the titles definitive to the families that reside on those lands, ”Drullard declared.

At the end of the meeting and with a gesture of satisfaction, the Mayor of the Municipal District of La Cuaba, Carlos Montaño, said that he brings good news to the citizens.

“Now we are going to inform the citizens of the steps we have taken so that the dream we have in our municipal district of La Cuaba becomes a reality of having definitive titles,” added the mayor after finishing a visit with the Governor to the director of Land Titling of the State, Mérid Torres.

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