Government assures rice farmers that it will pay 150 million dollars to guarantee production 2022-2023

Paying more than 150 million balboas for the 2023 budget period in order to guarantee rice production for the 2022-2023 cycle, was part of the commitments presented by the Minister of Agricultural Development, Augusto Valderrama, to the representatives of rice unions from all over the world. the country.

In addition, the availability of fertilizers for planting the item and a report of the payments that have been made to date were presented.

Directors of the National Association of Distributors of Agricultural Inputs (ANDIA), of the Association National Association of Millers (ANALMO), representatives of the National Bank of Panama, as well as directors of MIDA and of the institutions of the agricultural public sector.

Arnulfo Morales, a rice producer from Chiriquí, stated that this issue is difficult and that there are many new variables that are constantly appearing, but that they hope that with communication, closeness with the authorities and the rest of the links in the chain Alternatives and solutions will be found to continue producing rice and food for the Panamanian people in the medium term and for the future.

On behalf of ANDIA, Bienvenido Pereira pointed out that the agrochemicals and fertilizers have arrived on time that until the week they had already guaranteed 44 thousand tons, that they were already in the country and that there are some 10 thousand tons of products that will be favored with a temporary registration. or permission, through a Decree that supports ANDIA in order to guarantee the supply for national production.

He explained that with the 44,000 tons there is a projection of planting some 62,000 to 63,000 hectares of rice and that there are another 3,000 tons that are coming from other importers, so the industry is ready with fertilizers and agrochemicals for crops. .

Regarding payments, Oriana Tack, head of the Incentives and Trust Office, reported that up to April 25, files had been received for 69.1 million balboas, corresponding to 2,426 files, of which 56.1 million corresponding to to 1,998 files of which the sum of 42 million has been paid to date through the MEF and through factoring with the National Bank of Panama about 2.5 million giving a total of 44.5 million.

Also participating in this meeting were the General Manager of the BDA, Cecilio Ricord, the General Director of the IDIAP, Arnulfo Gutiérrez, for the BNP, Luis Díaz, among other directors of the sector.

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