Government announces that “Winter Bonus” will be paid next week

The Government announced the advance payment of the bonus of 120 thousand pesos that will be delivered only once, considering 7.5 million people, specifically families belonging to the most vulnerable 60 percent of the Social Registry of Homes (RSH).

State aid will be delivered starting next week to a segment of the population, as confirmed by Labor Minister Jeannette Jara.

Specifically, the payment was advanced for August 5 to people who already received state aid, while for the second tranche, who are registered in the RSH and are in the most vulnerable segment of the population, they will receive the payment the third week of august

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The authorities hope that beneficiaries with active electronic accounts will receive financial support within two days of starting the process next Friday.

As stated Cooperative Radiothe undersecretary of Social Evaluation, Paula Poblete, indicated that “the Social Registry of Homes has 17.2 million people in its registry, therefore, the majority of Chileans are in that registry, for which the majority of the people will be able to be qualified”, although he pointed out that “the deadline to update the registry expired on July 22, but I insist, it is very unlikely that there will be people who have been left out”.

Regarding how this bonus will be paid, the director of the Social Welfare Institute, Patricio Coronado, commented that “all those people who regularly receive benefits from us, who have received some benefit from us, will maintain the form of payment. Like you You know, they are regular beneficiaries of the IPS and we have done a job so that those people who have valid, active CuentaRUT, who have updated it once in the last three months, will be paid in electronic deposit”.

The authority added that “on the 5th (August) we begin, in practically two days we expect to pay everything that corresponds to electronic payments, and the rest of the people are going to start paying from the same day 5 in face-to-face payment.”

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