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July 31, 2022, 4:32 AM

July 31, 2022, 4:32 AM

When you see what the so-called intercultural self-styled, brand-new political category invented from the imagination of power political masista, they are doing in the east of Santa Cruz; especially with the invasion of the lands of the indigenous/native peoples of the place, of the local peasants, with the medium and large farmers and ranchers, holders of the land for many years, at the mercy of endowments or purchases, there is no doubt that we are in the face of a power strategy endorsed and promoted by the national government and supported and promoted by government departments (INRA and ABT), which, in many cases, are the ones that provide data on where there are lands in dispute, either because the “re-regularizations” initiated by Morales and his political gang, the re-definitions of the TCOs, the Fiscal Lands, etc.

As it is, all this is part of a plan, all land conflicts or not are notified to the aforementioned “intercultural” (before they were done from the denounced parallel INRA, where people, from relatives and followers of Nemesia Achacollo did what theirs) who organize groups in the West and pay up to 500 dollars (which goes into the pockets of someone or “someone” who is in charge of bringing people together) to be part of them and, once the places are located, they try to legalize possessions (waiting for papers) in Pailón (operational center of government or political corruption that has been denounced many times), while the “guerrillas of the land”, criminals who are only in charge of taking over the previously mentioned places, when not of spaces that have papers in order and in order.

The INRA and the ABT do not understand, it is not with them the matter. In this way, with the Institutions in charge of the control and distribution of land by way of legality, looking the other way, what I dare to call “settlement of exile” is produced, which is a very personal interpretation of what It is not new and it was applied for at least 600 or 700 years, if not for centuries in European territories or, to put a closer reference, in the heyday of the Inca, when the “descendants of the sun” banished those who had defeated, after finishing with methods that are not smooth, to the chiefs or heads of towns devastated by them.

These processes, which some scholars called “deterritorialization and reterritorialization” (in other circumstances), occur today in the east of Santa Cruz; they enter houses, farms, peacefully inhabited and worked places, violently, with gunshots, exercising mistreatment and abuses to the living of those lands (I reiterate, in quiet and peaceful possession or, in litigation with the government) and, they are banishes, condemning them to look for a place to live or what to do.

In the last year, the “intercultural guerrillas”, who declare themselves victims and who target everything that moves that is not themselves; that is, against the rich, oligarchs, police (who protect those mentioned), journalists, foreigners and many others who commit the crime of working land that, the political strategy of masismo, supported by a Police that has already declared itself incapable of defending or evict (a couple of days ago they sent 200 police officers who are not going to achieve anything because they will be there for a few days, if they are, and they will leave the place).

If an arrest occurs, the prosecutors and judges are going to be in charge of giving them a short stay in jail, while making a mock show that the laws of the State punish, until the legal consortiums achieve “house arrest”, which does not it means something other than a return to wanderings. I refer to the facts and names; The shots of Pailitas give as a reference that they were headed and directed by Paulino Camacho and Sixto Canaza, two of those criminally prosecuted for the Las Londras case, who were recently released by a precautionary judge.

I return to the topic of exile: in the Incas and, before that, in other civilizations, human contingents were moved, after having assassinated their leaders, to strange places, where they could not organize themselves (hence the death of the leaderships). and hold protests; the adaptation process of the vanquished was very traumatic. Evo Morales imprisoned them in Chonchocoro or in San Pedro de La Paz; before, the MNR took them to Curahuara de Carangas, Uncía or other concentration camps; Barrientos, Banzer and others “resided them in Madidi or other places, but since that can no longer be done, because a large part of the world can claim them, they opt for “legal prisons”, but the logic is the same.

The so-called intercultural people who do not ask for land in their places of origin because the government encourages us, are somehow exiled, but they leave with the promise of a better life. The masista power banishes its own people from the places where they have lived, according to them (the imaginary of the historical claim) for more than 5,000 years, but there they go, they are transferred, they are charged for the favor and they are left on land where they are allowed possession and nothing else, besides, of course, a leader who becomes a kind of political commissar who, from time to time and because it suits the interests of the ruling party, build schools or a health post , that after having built the shed where “the union” is where people have to compulsorily attend the call of the bosses.

More than 8,500 hectares taken in the same area are counted: Guarayos; that is not enough, now they go for “Pailitas”, where the hectares exceed 25,000; to that “it is said that it was the policemen” who, I reiterate, are going to be there for a few days and they return because the State cannot have “policemen doing nothing”, because the criminals will put themselves in a safe place and the “legal mechanisms of the power” especially if the case of the invasion is not so serious. At least that seems to think the “Child Minister” who did not rule on the subject until 5 days after the event in Pailitas. As EL DEBER published, in the 5 days that have elapsed since the assault on Pailitas, “the authority, which is characterized by profuse activity on social networks, remained silent regarding this issue; In the interim he published about the Santa Cruz Flag Day; about the fire that occurred in La Paz in the Nudo Vita area; on the July 26 Movement in Cuba, the birthday of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, police work in Cochabamba and Pando, and the anniversary of Cuatro Cañadas.”

There is an obvious decision to ignore the subject. The “exiles” of the West are populating lands that are worked or lands that are fiscal not suitable for agricultural tasks, they are TCO (it is supposed for the natives of the place), but the government/political power creates their natives based on their electoral interests , are also reserves that the power understands as “reserved” for its exiles who become their pongos of the vote… and they are not going to stop, although they are sowing storms, and when these things happen… you know where they start, never, how they end

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