Government announces police protection and medical services for MAS march

Government announces police protection and medical services for MAS march

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The Vice Minister of Citizen Security, Roberto Ríos, announced that the Government will deploy a police contingent and medical services to protect the march of the Movement Toward Socialism (MAS), which left this Tuesday from the town of Caracollo (Oruro) bound for La Paz.

“By protecting the safety of the marching brothers and sisters, we are going to increase the police force as the population increases. The Ministry of Health will provide all health services that our withered sisters and sisters require, ”said Ríos, in contact with ATB.

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The authority indicated that the marchers will also receive supplies, water and other supplies necessary for their journey.

The MAS promotes the mobilization in order to “defend democracy” and the government of Luis Arce.

In the interim of the mobilizations and the strike in rejection of Law 1386, which was repealed, directors and legislators of the MAS announced that the mobilization was also planned to show “street musculature” that the party has as a government.

Participating in the “march for the homeland” are pro-government parliamentarians, social organizations related to the Executive, and the party’s leader, Evo Morales.

Also, this Tuesday Arce and Vice President David Choquehuanca joined. The mobilization will arrive in the city of La Paz in approximately seven days, on November 29.

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