Government announces increase for workers in the sugar sector of up to 102%

Government announces increase for workers in the sugar sector of up to 102%

The Government announced on Tuesday a wage increase for workers in the sugar industryfrom 97 to 102 percent.

Said increase will be applied to the minimum wage and with retroactive effect, according to the Labor Minister, Luis Miguel De Camps Garciaduring a press conference led by President Luis Abinader at the headquarters of the Ministry of Labor.

With this increase, which will be effective as of this date, agricultural workers will earn 400 pesos per 8-hour day, for an increase of 102 percent.

While administrative and manufacturing employees will earn a salary of 15 thousand pesos, for an increase of 97 percent.

During the announcement of the increase, the president stated that it was achieved without populist speeches and through consensus.

On his side, the president of the National Council of Trade Union Unity, Rafael-Pepe-Abreu, described the increase as a milestone in the process of dignifying the lives of farm workers.

Until today, the wages of the sugar workers in the field were 198.24 pesos per 8-hour day and that of the administrative workers was 7,663 pesos.

This, which is the fifth salary increase of President Luis Abinader’s administration, will begin to be applied immediately and retroactively to the month of January.

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