Government and supermarkets analyzed a basket with essential consumer products

Government and supermarkets analyzed a basket with essential consumer products

Roberto Feletti led the meeting with representatives of supermarkets, grocers, Chinese supermarkets and polyrubros.

The Secretary of Domestic Trade, Roberto Feletti, held meetings on Monday with representatives of supermarkets of Chinese origin and entities that bring together self-service stores, grocers, supermarkets and polyrubros, to work together and advance the necessary agreements for the implementation of a basket aimed at local businesses with essential consumer products, within the framework of the +Care Prices program.

The Undersecretary for Policies for the Internal Market, Antonio Mezmezian, and the Undersecretary for Actions for the Defense of Consumers, Liliana Schwindt, also participated in the meetings, which were held at the headquarters of the official agency.

The objective is that this initiative, which will contain 60 products belonging to various items of mass consumption, is present throughout the country and establishes reference prices in nearby stores, with the purpose of reducing the dispersion of values ​​that exists between these stores and the large supermarket chains.

With the same purpose, last week the Internal Trade officials met with companies from the wholesale sectorwith whom an agreement was also reached to provide the aforementioned products to local businesses.

At this Monday’s meeting, representatives of Chinese supermarkets and the warehouse sector They expressed their intention to “collaborate with society” and to be part of the +Care Prices program, so that it can be expanded by reaching many more points of sale.

The proximity basket will also be worked on with the areas responsible for trade in all the provinces, within the framework of the Federal Council for Domestic Trade (Cofeci), to achieve correct price and supply monitoring by all the links in the supply chain. commercialization until reaching the table of the Argentines and the Argentines, sources from the secretariat led by Feletti pointed out this afternoon.

The proximity basket will be part of the new stage of +Care Prices, which will start on Friday, April 8.

The assistants

Present at the meeting for the private sector were Fernando Savore, Raúl Molina and Juan Carlos Menchikián from the Federation of Self-Serving, Grocery, Supermarket and Polirubro Entities of the Province of Buenos Aires (FABA); Carlos Kais, from the Chamber of Bragado; Gabriela Jaureguize; Pablo Cerioli, from the Union Center of Grocers and Self-Service Workers of Rosario; and the head of the Argentine Chamber of Chinese Supermarkets, Yolanda Durand.

Jiangde Zhuang (Moreno) also participated; Hanqin Huang (Quilmes); Junming Xue (General Rodriguez); Yanlin Yan and Tong Tong He (Malvinas Argentinas); Chenzing Lu (Jose C. Paz); Fangyong Liu (Mendoza); Jinhua Chen; Xiudeng Yan; Huanhui Chen and Bih Cheng Lee (San Martín and February 3); and Nicolás Daomin, all representing the Chamber of Self-Services and Supermarkets Owned by Chinese Residents in the Argentine Republic (Casrech).

In the coming days, along with the start-up of the proximity basket, we will also the Care Cuts program and the +Care Prices plan will be relaunchedwhich includes the large supermarket chains.

Speaking to radio Futurock, Feletti said on Sunday that “We are going to release the new list of those 1,300 products of +Care Prices, release the proximity one that is 60 products, and we have already started a round with mayors and the province of Buenos Aires for the vegetable basket, which are five products that are going to start in supermarkets and then we have to see how it arrives to the rest of the neighbourhoods, and to ratify the Care Courts program and expand it”.

“This is going to be completed with a meeting with the Federal Council for Domestic Trade that includes my peers from the provinces to implement these four baskets in the rest of the country,” added the official.

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