Government and mobilized sectors sign preliminary agreement to lift the blockade of San Julián

Government and mobilized sectors sign preliminary agreement to lift the blockade of San Julián

Five days had to pass before the blockade of San Julián was lifted. At the end of the afternoon of this Friday, May 27, the The Government of Santa Cruz and the mobilized sectors of said municipality reached a pre-agreement that considers the pressure measure dissolved, but it was not until after 10:30 p.m. that these documents were signed by the parties involved in the meeting.

In this sense, normality is expected to return to the network vial from the eastern part of the department in the next few hours; however, the leaders of the mobilization will internalize the preliminary agreement with their bases so that they give the go-ahead.

The technical tables sealed the agreement and the demands were met, where the main points referred to the cConstruction of the Brecha Casarabe-Núcleo 41 highway, as well as the maintenance of the Los Tronco sections-Okinawa. As the conflict progressed, other demands were added, such as the royalty distribution and a larger budget for school breakfast, among others.

The meeting was headed by Governor Luis Fernando Camacho, who had a failed rapprochement with the central government to intervene in the negotiations with the mobilized, which were headed by the mayor of San Julián, Willy Calderón. Camacho retired at the end of the afternoon.

Both from the Ministry of Public Works, and from the Ministry of Planning, they stated that the demands of the mobilized sectors are the entire responsibility of the Government of Santa Cruz.

The Secretary of Economic Development of the Government, Luis Fernando Menacho, hopes that in the short term the resources will be approved to promote the projects demanded by the mobilized sectors.

“It has reached a agreement to build 5 kilometers (of the requested road) in the 2023 term and in the next steps to advance in the same way (with greater progress in construction). Regarding the commitment of Okinawa-Los Troncos section, which is under the custody of the central government, as well as the Interior we are going to co-participate on the condition that the State guarantees the financing”, said Menacho.

The blockade will be lifted once the leaders make known the commitments assumed by their basesaccording to the authority, who explained that there is political will on the part of the Government to promote the projects.

In this way ends five days of mobilization that cut the route that connects the capital of Santa Cruz with the municipalities of the eastern zone of the department, so sand it is expected that traffic will be regulated in the next few hoursto the relief of carriers and neighbors.

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